My family came to Home Care Solutions in January of 2016 looking for help.  My 83 year old mother had a series of falls and had hurt herself seriously and repeatedly.  The third fall and a bad bump on the head that landed her in ICU for 3 days were the final straw.   At the recommendation of a friend we contacted Heather at Home Care Solutions to arrange for 24 hour care.  That was a Monday in January and they were able to arrange for 24 hour care at Mom’s assisted living facility by the next afternoon.

All the care givers Mom has had have been loving and supportive of my Mom.  At first they needed to help her with every smallest thing.  Over time they worked with our family, the doctors and Mom to increase her strength and help her to regain her independence.  They have gently encouraged Mom always treating her with dignity and respect.   Mom is now strong enough to regain most her independence with the help of her assisted living facility.   That would not have been possible without the help of all the wonderful caregivers who have helped her, and our entire family.

I would gladly recommend Home Care Solutions to anyone in need of their services.   And I would call them again in an instant if the need should arise again in the future.

Mary Ellen

E is for efficiency and Home Care Solutions excels in this area.  The scheduler does an excellent job listening to my needs in regards to the type of caregivers I prefer.  I couldn’t find a more professional and caring team for the services and care that I need.


My caregivers go above and beyond every day.


You all provide an amazing service!  All of our caregivers go above and beyond to help my mother as well as my sister and myself.


I am so pleased with the staff at Home Care Solutions; they do a wonderful job!  I would recommend your company to anyone who needs this kind of help.  Thank you so very much for all you do…You are FANTASTIC!!!


We so appreciate the care you provide for our parents.  Your staff goes above and beyond!  We also feel you do your best to accommodate a sometimes challenging client.


When my mom was restless, her caregivers from Home Care Solutions would giver her a massage or play soothing music.  The caregivers were as attentive as I would have been and they really cared about my mother.  They would hold her hand when she was unresponsive.


Thank you for the excellent care you provided for the few short weeks before my mom’s passing.  We were so relieved to have you on board at the end to make her final days comfortable.  If only we had known before how superior your care was to other agencies!


I could not have had better care for my wife.  I will forever be grateful to the caregivers at Home Care Solutions.


Without exception, everyone at Home Care Solutions was professional, caring and knowledgeable.  They always made me feel as if things were under control.  I always knew that whatever happened, the caregivers were capable of handling any challenge that presented itself.


I highly recommend Heather and Solutions.  Heather’s professionalism and thoughtfulness even continued after my husband’s death.  She came to our home again to talk with me and offer comfort.  Knowing what I know today, my husband and I should have contacted Heather much earlier.